Wednesday, 4 June 2014

I Played Hookie Today and Hooked you.

I had a really great time answering Niteflirt calls today.  I was supposed to attend some business meetings but called in sick.  I needed a total ME day and with all that I do in my offline life, this is not always possible.  Anyways, needless to say I got what I wanted.  I met a seriously vile new house maid who called Me wearing her french whore uniform.  I very quickly had her on her slutty knees pledging allegiance to everything Me.  I hope she is a good little slut and tucks that clit cock as far back in her panties as she can.  I also hope it packed up all it's "male" clothes that it won't be needing anymore.  Remember if you are not packing a 9 inch cock, extremely manly with a body, mind and wallet that can turn on this FemDom I'll use you to entertain My most wicked fucking desires.

I also talked to this extremely unsexy cowboy type who owns a construction company.  I very quickly had him under my spell and sending tribute after tribute after tribute while I destroyed his male ego.  It wasn't long before he was broke and dripping and drooling all over his computer chair.  So you say I'm the Woman you want to financially dominate you .. is that right cowtoy?  I'll need a lot more of your cash in my pocket before I want to hear your pathetically gay voice in my ear again.  Get to sending it now.

Gosh, I'm a bit exhausted typing all this to you halfwits.  Think I'll pour myself a glass of scotch and sift through some of the presents delivered to Me today.  I smell leather ... might be lucky enough to have new boots to walk all over you with.

 Until soon,
Miss Fortune

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Monitoring Your Pleasure and Making you PAY for it

Wow, I had no idea it had been this long since I posted.  Well it's your lucky day isn't it?  Here I am,, just back from the gym and still sitting in my sweaty clothes for you to catch the sweet whiff of GREATness from.  Crawl over here puppet and kneel beside my chair while I tap My fingernails on your head while I'm thinking what it is that I want you to know.

Did you know that I went shopping yesterday and added $576 to your credit card while you were at work?  I had fun, just being by Myself and getting My Spring closet revamped.  Wait until later when i model My new beach attire.  I even bought some new towels to wipe up your drool.  Oh yes and I almost forgot.  I got a brand new cock cage for you sweets.  Nothing special just a small ordinary version of all the rest only differenced is that this one has a drip meter on it.  When you get uncomfortably swollen and start to ooze down there, a little alarm will go off and I'll know it's time to make you PAY for that little pleasure *grin*.

Now let's put that on shall we?  stand up and present your inferior male parts to Me so I can snap My new toy on you.  This is going to be fun.

K, off to set up Amazon so you can get Me some more gift cards.  I'll make you drip and PAY all day long.

Niteflirt lines are on ... ring ring ring Me, slave, do it now!

Monday, 29 April 2013

My Newest boy toy: beta bob in Financial Domination / Foot Worship Training

Spring has Sprung here in My world ... Finally so I've been catching all the Sunshine I can. Plus setting up My new Goddess deck. Cannot wait to get the Girls together for a martini party.

I took time from My busy V.I.P. life to make an Amazon Wishlist devoted to some of the pretty things I could use up there. Click the button below to check it out and purchase something for ME ... I know you cannot wait to please Me. Oh and remember I do love Amazon gift cards as well and they can be sent to My email address

Tomorrow I'm getting up early for an early spa appointment. I'm going to have an infrared sauna treatment, head and facial massage, topped up nicely with a spiced mochachino while I get a pedicure. THEN I'm meeting "beta bob" for a 1 hour shopping spree. Now beta bob is an interesting sub. He's actually My favorite kind of sub., Alpha by day and instantly beta around Me (you will be too!!)

Now, beta bob is really nervous about this shopping trip because he's never been out with Me in public. Actually, he has never been anywhere alone with Me. I met beta bob in a club a few months ago. He was in with a small group of suits and I was out having a quick nightcap with My Girlfriends and was just about to leave when beta bob had the balls to approach Me. Now to be honest, beta bob is a gorgeous and I'm sure is used to getting what he wants from the Ladies but I'm a little different from all the "other" Girls. Most of My Girlfriends are really attracted to the cocky, confident, "Manly" men but when I meet one I instantly want to "take him down a few notches". Don't get Me wrong sometimes one will "turn Me on enough" to want to have hot sweaty sex with but he will still have to meet My OVER NINE INCHES rule (and that's another blog).

Anyways moving on with My story, betabob just called Me. He's very nervous! You see, he's very vanilla and claims to only know about 50 Shades of Grey when it comes to BDSM. He says he's never even heard about financial domination. He's only met one other Female that's he has felt pulled towards and he ran fast away from her. He's feeling hypnotized (Siren) weak (Succubus) and that he instantly gets an erection when he thinks about Me (Sexy Supreme Female). I must admit that I'm enjoying this immensely. I will never get tired of the Power I have but to be honest with betabob I will train him slowly. I told him that for one hour I will set a $500 dollar limit on our little shopping game. I also reminded him that I'm Female and can change My mind at any time especially if there's a sweet pair of shoes I can't resist. I have also decided to use a puppy trainer (shock collar) on his balls while we are shopping. Half for fun and the other half because I don't want him following Me and My swaying A$$ with tent pole pants all day. Also, he'll need reminding that I'm not just "any" other Girl he's on a date with.

Now time for Me to finish painting My toes. Spring has sprung here and I'll want to wear a cute pair of sandals tomorrow ... betabob loves My feet and if he's lucky I'll let him massage them after our trip.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Sissy Slut toys and Where is Summer???

Today was one of those days that even for a Goddess like Me could not have gone worse.  My new toy order came in and the Grrl cocks I ordered were not in the right color or size.  Now of course I have lots and lots of dildos in every shape and color and texture already but just like with My men, I get bored easily.  Anyways, I had decided that I want all black (because black is better :) and monster size to stretch you with and instead they sent Me a puke green ... fuck!!!  Oh well, I guess I'll give them to minky My Feminization whore to sit on because he's such a Sissy slut with wanting to be fucked anally that I'm sure even this bad boys will slide right in.  Hmmm I wonder if he can wear them to work as a butt plug?  

Also, I got My nails done today and the Girl hadn't left My house but 10 minutes and I chipped the tip of one trying once again to wear My new stilettos.  So not only do I have to get her to come back again but also I'm really sad that I still cannot wear any cute shoes because of My sprained foot *insert big pout here*.  On top of everything it was cloudy and cold here today so I haven't had a chance to set up My new deck ... blah when am I gonna get some sun???  

Last night however I did start My new Amazon "SUMMER SPOIL GODDESS GRACE" wishlist which I will post shortly.  I've recently moved into a new house with a fabulous deck that Me and My Girlfriends will be hanging out on most days.  I have a gorgeous view of the ocean and I want this to be My Girly Sun Spa spot for the Summer and you, My little worm are going to work hard and help make it Gorgeous like Me.  

Now you can always get a head start by sending Me Amazon gift certificates by clicking this link HERE SLAVE and then sending the gift card to    I will contact you and let you know what I bought and if you are especially good I'll take a picture of it in USE by ME. 

That's all for now darlings ... now fuck off and get back to work (that means either refraining from stroking over Me or earning extra tribute money).

kiss kiss, 

Goddess Grace aka Miss Fortune

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Small Penis Humiliation SPH and more Foot Worship Pics for you boys

So just a little update to say things are great in My world manpets and although My pretty foot is still sore I'm walking much better YES! Last night I had a great night on the phone training a new tiny penis guy in the fine art of PLEASING ME and guess what it will never include his inadequate pea cock. I have a golden rule about cock and I will only talk sex with one that is over 9 inches. I'm a very fussy Girl. But this is only because I have found that if you are not OVER 9 inches ... the sex for ME is pathetic. Now I love oral sex ... ON ME ... but I'm so fussy about the size of cock that I will not even let a man who is under 9 inches and supposedly great at oral sex, get near My bed. Truly, anything under My Golden cock size rule ... turns Me off ... but lucky for this little man and the majority of you reading this ... I love teasing you about your small extension. In fact small penis humiliation or SPH is one of My favorite past times. Anyways, inchdick (My new pets name) is at this moment searching for a penis extension.  Measure up and see if you need one too boy.

Now this isn't because I want him to be able to please a women ...haha ... no I don't really care about that. In fact the only woman he will ever need to please is Me and since it won't be for sex, I will show him how to please Me in other ways (stay tuned for the continuing saga of inchdick). Honestly, it's just that I get so sick to My stomach seeing his bellybutton cock that when I am viewing him I want him to at least resemble a real man so I don't throw up.
On another note I want to make it known that my financial pay pig bradleythetoiletlicker has been a good boy and sent Me several Amazon gift cards which I LOVE. Only 5 more to go bradley and I might let you out of that chastity device for a nice tease & stroke quickly followed by a fabulously ruined orgasm.
Oh I almost forgot. CEOdave bought Me a pair of beautiful stiletto heels in My favorite shade of Silver BLING. It's a pity I can't wear them yet BUT I did take some Foot Worship pics for you to buy and put on your USED BY HER Worship Wall.

The pics are through Niteflirt pay mail and I want you to get them now boys. If I can't wear these Sexy Shoes I can and will tease the fuck out of you with them on at least one foot *grin*.  The pay button is down below .. click and make Me happy .. Do it!!

Goddess Grace aka. Miss Fortune

Monday, 25 March 2013

My Birthday is coming up.  March 30th. is the day all My slaves, minions, idiots, bytches and paypigs should be celebrating.  In fact it is one of your most important days.  So grab a candle, shove it tightly up your ass, give me lots of presents and money gifts to make your favorite Superior Girl smile.  

Amazon Gift cards can be sent to My email address -


Worship My Feet

Welcome to My new blog.  I had to dismiss the other one so here we go again.  As many of you know or if you don't you will now ... I LOVE foot worship and the bitchboys I allow down on their knees to worship.  I love making you lick, suck and when in a really sadistic mood gag over My smooth, delicious soles and toes.  I also love a nice slow stiletto fuck of that eager little mouth of yours while you are under My desk while I do a little (or a lot) of online shopping. If you are a foot / shoe worshiping slut just beg for Me and I will indulge all your wildest realities and enjoy every fucking second of it!!