Monday, 25 March 2013

My Birthday is coming up.  March 30th. is the day all My slaves, minions, idiots, bytches and paypigs should be celebrating.  In fact it is one of your most important days.  So grab a candle, shove it tightly up your ass, give me lots of presents and money gifts to make your favorite Superior Girl smile.  

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Worship My Feet

Welcome to My new blog.  I had to dismiss the other one so here we go again.  As many of you know or if you don't you will now ... I LOVE foot worship and the bitchboys I allow down on their knees to worship.  I love making you lick, suck and when in a really sadistic mood gag over My smooth, delicious soles and toes.  I also love a nice slow stiletto fuck of that eager little mouth of yours while you are under My desk while I do a little (or a lot) of online shopping. If you are a foot / shoe worshiping slut just beg for Me and I will indulge all your wildest realities and enjoy every fucking second of it!!