Monday, 20 August 2012


Today was a day I needed.  Pampering, spending and Girlfriend time.  To be honest, I think we overdid it a bit ... nawww ... I can never get enough. 

First thing this morning I was greeted by the UPS truck, love the sound of that engine.  I always recognize the sound that brings Me your gifts. 

 Today's special mention is "speedydick"  a new sissy I have in training.  I punish this little imbicile regularly because he is always popping a load at the wrong time.  I know I'm SEXY but this is really ridiculous.  Today I started "speedydick" in some panty training.  I took the hot little black panties I had on and ordered it to wear them.  They barely covered one ball on this fatass (weight training to commence shortly).  Needless to say just as he hiked them up as best he could, one glance at Me standing there pantyless made him squirt ... disgusting it is.  At this point the fun was over once again and it was back into his dick cage .. snap.  Whenever, the sissy that is "speedydick" blows a pathetic load of cum, I go to My Amazon wishlist and shop until I'm not mad anymore.  6 packages from speedy today ... love My new Louis shoes you moron.  Next week I'm going to change our little training sessions into reality sessions .... make you a permanent sissy ... out with the male undies .. in with all the panties we will buy you ... and yes I will go to the store with you bitch. 

Friday, 17 August 2012

Well it's been ANOTHER wasted day for Me.  There is nothing worse than wasting time ... well unless of course I'm having "pamper time" and then I could care less about accomplishing much.  I had to be back at the local Hospital early to see another Doctor.  This injury of Mine has become more than just physical pain to say the least.  After 6 hours of this and that they finally let me go and told me to "take it easy" ... ummm ok, but what do I do with the slave who is home, ball gagged and hobbled that I was looking forward to teasing the fuck out of??? Needless to say, "fuckubitch" still enjoyed a GRrrrreat couple of hours being "humbled".  I can't move around much but I have several whips that have a long reach AND I can tease a slave dick without moving around too much.  He especially enjoyed being allowed to massage My pretty feet with his tongue .. I think I've given him a new fetish. 

Speaking of fetish, I love love putting you over my knee and spanking your bare slave ass when you've been naughty.  Ok to be honest, I'll do it just for fun.  I love how your submissive cock will get hard against your will, the pinker your cheeks get.  Then I'll feel you squirm a bit against My thighs and I'll spank you harder for being a slut.  I know you like My smooth, female hands stinging with every smack I make.  It hurts so good ... doesn't it puppet?

My ass, however is much better than your's will ever be ... voluptuous and ready for kissing ... when I think you deserve it. Beg for it. 

Friday, 10 August 2012


So this is My first time here on Blogger and YUCK to the set up process.  I notoriously dislike learning curves.  Since I've been a young girl, if I want to know something I want to know it NOW! Nothing much has changed although I guess I am more patient ... well, kinda sorta :)

The same could be said about My style of Dominance and the reason I dislike "brat slaves".  When I want you to do something I want it done now.  Having said this, I can tell you that I am always learning everything I can about you.  Even those that try to hold back pieces of themselves however, inevitably dribble info my way.  It is the name of the game though isn't it?  The more I learn about you, the better I am able to control you My puppet.

Now, I have to go and learn more of this web stuff.  When I do something it's done up big ... so keep watching and stroking bitch.