Friday, 10 August 2012


So this is My first time here on Blogger and YUCK to the set up process.  I notoriously dislike learning curves.  Since I've been a young girl, if I want to know something I want to know it NOW! Nothing much has changed although I guess I am more patient ... well, kinda sorta :)

The same could be said about My style of Dominance and the reason I dislike "brat slaves".  When I want you to do something I want it done now.  Having said this, I can tell you that I am always learning everything I can about you.  Even those that try to hold back pieces of themselves however, inevitably dribble info my way.  It is the name of the game though isn't it?  The more I learn about you, the better I am able to control you My puppet.

Now, I have to go and learn more of this web stuff.  When I do something it's done up big ... so keep watching and stroking bitch.

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