Friday, 17 August 2012

Well it's been ANOTHER wasted day for Me.  There is nothing worse than wasting time ... well unless of course I'm having "pamper time" and then I could care less about accomplishing much.  I had to be back at the local Hospital early to see another Doctor.  This injury of Mine has become more than just physical pain to say the least.  After 6 hours of this and that they finally let me go and told me to "take it easy" ... ummm ok, but what do I do with the slave who is home, ball gagged and hobbled that I was looking forward to teasing the fuck out of??? Needless to say, "fuckubitch" still enjoyed a GRrrrreat couple of hours being "humbled".  I can't move around much but I have several whips that have a long reach AND I can tease a slave dick without moving around too much.  He especially enjoyed being allowed to massage My pretty feet with his tongue .. I think I've given him a new fetish. 

Speaking of fetish, I love love putting you over my knee and spanking your bare slave ass when you've been naughty.  Ok to be honest, I'll do it just for fun.  I love how your submissive cock will get hard against your will, the pinker your cheeks get.  Then I'll feel you squirm a bit against My thighs and I'll spank you harder for being a slut.  I know you like My smooth, female hands stinging with every smack I make.  It hurts so good ... doesn't it puppet?

My ass, however is much better than your's will ever be ... voluptuous and ready for kissing ... when I think you deserve it. Beg for it. 

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