Sunday, 9 February 2014

Monitoring Your Pleasure and Making you PAY for it

Wow, I had no idea it had been this long since I posted.  Well it's your lucky day isn't it?  Here I am,, just back from the gym and still sitting in my sweaty clothes for you to catch the sweet whiff of GREATness from.  Crawl over here puppet and kneel beside my chair while I tap My fingernails on your head while I'm thinking what it is that I want you to know.

Did you know that I went shopping yesterday and added $576 to your credit card while you were at work?  I had fun, just being by Myself and getting My Spring closet revamped.  Wait until later when i model My new beach attire.  I even bought some new towels to wipe up your drool.  Oh yes and I almost forgot.  I got a brand new cock cage for you sweets.  Nothing special just a small ordinary version of all the rest only differenced is that this one has a drip meter on it.  When you get uncomfortably swollen and start to ooze down there, a little alarm will go off and I'll know it's time to make you PAY for that little pleasure *grin*.

Now let's put that on shall we?  stand up and present your inferior male parts to Me so I can snap My new toy on you.  This is going to be fun.

K, off to set up Amazon so you can get Me some more gift cards.  I'll make you drip and PAY all day long.

Niteflirt lines are on ... ring ring ring Me, slave, do it now!

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