Monday, 29 April 2013

My Newest boy toy: beta bob in Financial Domination / Foot Worship Training

Spring has Sprung here in My world ... Finally so I've been catching all the Sunshine I can. Plus setting up My new Goddess deck. Cannot wait to get the Girls together for a martini party.

I took time from My busy V.I.P. life to make an Amazon Wishlist devoted to some of the pretty things I could use up there. Click the button below to check it out and purchase something for ME ... I know you cannot wait to please Me. Oh and remember I do love Amazon gift cards as well and they can be sent to My email address

Tomorrow I'm getting up early for an early spa appointment. I'm going to have an infrared sauna treatment, head and facial massage, topped up nicely with a spiced mochachino while I get a pedicure. THEN I'm meeting "beta bob" for a 1 hour shopping spree. Now beta bob is an interesting sub. He's actually My favorite kind of sub., Alpha by day and instantly beta around Me (you will be too!!)

Now, beta bob is really nervous about this shopping trip because he's never been out with Me in public. Actually, he has never been anywhere alone with Me. I met beta bob in a club a few months ago. He was in with a small group of suits and I was out having a quick nightcap with My Girlfriends and was just about to leave when beta bob had the balls to approach Me. Now to be honest, beta bob is a gorgeous and I'm sure is used to getting what he wants from the Ladies but I'm a little different from all the "other" Girls. Most of My Girlfriends are really attracted to the cocky, confident, "Manly" men but when I meet one I instantly want to "take him down a few notches". Don't get Me wrong sometimes one will "turn Me on enough" to want to have hot sweaty sex with but he will still have to meet My OVER NINE INCHES rule (and that's another blog).

Anyways moving on with My story, betabob just called Me. He's very nervous! You see, he's very vanilla and claims to only know about 50 Shades of Grey when it comes to BDSM. He says he's never even heard about financial domination. He's only met one other Female that's he has felt pulled towards and he ran fast away from her. He's feeling hypnotized (Siren) weak (Succubus) and that he instantly gets an erection when he thinks about Me (Sexy Supreme Female). I must admit that I'm enjoying this immensely. I will never get tired of the Power I have but to be honest with betabob I will train him slowly. I told him that for one hour I will set a $500 dollar limit on our little shopping game. I also reminded him that I'm Female and can change My mind at any time especially if there's a sweet pair of shoes I can't resist. I have also decided to use a puppy trainer (shock collar) on his balls while we are shopping. Half for fun and the other half because I don't want him following Me and My swaying A$$ with tent pole pants all day. Also, he'll need reminding that I'm not just "any" other Girl he's on a date with.

Now time for Me to finish painting My toes. Spring has sprung here and I'll want to wear a cute pair of sandals tomorrow ... betabob loves My feet and if he's lucky I'll let him massage them after our trip.

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