Monday, 15 April 2013

Sissy Slut toys and Where is Summer???

Today was one of those days that even for a Goddess like Me could not have gone worse.  My new toy order came in and the Grrl cocks I ordered were not in the right color or size.  Now of course I have lots and lots of dildos in every shape and color and texture already but just like with My men, I get bored easily.  Anyways, I had decided that I want all black (because black is better :) and monster size to stretch you with and instead they sent Me a puke green ... fuck!!!  Oh well, I guess I'll give them to minky My Feminization whore to sit on because he's such a Sissy slut with wanting to be fucked anally that I'm sure even this bad boys will slide right in.  Hmmm I wonder if he can wear them to work as a butt plug?  

Also, I got My nails done today and the Girl hadn't left My house but 10 minutes and I chipped the tip of one trying once again to wear My new stilettos.  So not only do I have to get her to come back again but also I'm really sad that I still cannot wear any cute shoes because of My sprained foot *insert big pout here*.  On top of everything it was cloudy and cold here today so I haven't had a chance to set up My new deck ... blah when am I gonna get some sun???  

Last night however I did start My new Amazon "SUMMER SPOIL GODDESS GRACE" wishlist which I will post shortly.  I've recently moved into a new house with a fabulous deck that Me and My Girlfriends will be hanging out on most days.  I have a gorgeous view of the ocean and I want this to be My Girly Sun Spa spot for the Summer and you, My little worm are going to work hard and help make it Gorgeous like Me.  

Now you can always get a head start by sending Me Amazon gift certificates by clicking this link HERE SLAVE and then sending the gift card to    I will contact you and let you know what I bought and if you are especially good I'll take a picture of it in USE by ME. 

That's all for now darlings ... now fuck off and get back to work (that means either refraining from stroking over Me or earning extra tribute money).

kiss kiss, 

Goddess Grace aka Miss Fortune

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