Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Small Penis Humiliation SPH and more Foot Worship Pics for you boys

So just a little update to say things are great in My world manpets and although My pretty foot is still sore I'm walking much better YES! Last night I had a great night on the phone training a new tiny penis guy in the fine art of PLEASING ME and guess what it will never include his inadequate pea cock. I have a golden rule about cock and I will only talk sex with one that is over 9 inches. I'm a very fussy Girl. But this is only because I have found that if you are not OVER 9 inches ... the sex for ME is pathetic. Now I love oral sex ... ON ME ... but I'm so fussy about the size of cock that I will not even let a man who is under 9 inches and supposedly great at oral sex, get near My bed. Truly, anything under My Golden cock size rule ... turns Me off ... but lucky for this little man and the majority of you reading this ... I love teasing you about your small extension. In fact small penis humiliation or SPH is one of My favorite past times. Anyways, inchdick (My new pets name) is at this moment searching for a penis extension.  Measure up and see if you need one too boy.

Now this isn't because I want him to be able to please a women ...haha ... no I don't really care about that. In fact the only woman he will ever need to please is Me and since it won't be for sex, I will show him how to please Me in other ways (stay tuned for the continuing saga of inchdick). Honestly, it's just that I get so sick to My stomach seeing his bellybutton cock that when I am viewing him I want him to at least resemble a real man so I don't throw up.
On another note I want to make it known that my financial pay pig bradleythetoiletlicker has been a good boy and sent Me several Amazon gift cards which I LOVE. Only 5 more to go bradley and I might let you out of that chastity device for a nice tease & stroke quickly followed by a fabulously ruined orgasm.
Oh I almost forgot. CEOdave bought Me a pair of beautiful stiletto heels in My favorite shade of Silver BLING. It's a pity I can't wear them yet BUT I did take some Foot Worship pics for you to buy and put on your USED BY HER Worship Wall.

The pics are through Niteflirt pay mail and I want you to get them now boys. If I can't wear these Sexy Shoes I can and will tease the fuck out of you with them on at least one foot *grin*.  The pay button is down below .. click and make Me happy .. Do it!!

Goddess Grace aka. Miss Fortune

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